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Dodge Center Seventh Day Baptist Church


In June 1856 several Seventh Day Baptist families settled in the Dodge Center area, having moved westward from New Jersey and Wisconsin. Two days after their arrival they celebrated their first Sabbath together in their new home.  The congregation was organized in 1859 as the Wasioja-Ashland Seventh Day Baptist Church. The Church moved to its present location in 1872, bringing the original building with it, and changing its name. We have been actively serving the Dodge County community for more than 150 years.


While we appreciate our history and heritage, our ministry takes place in real time. Our worship reflects an appreciation of our history and heritage as well as a willingness to acclimate to our present culture. Therefore our worship includes both traditional hymns (accompanied by piano and/or organ) and contemporary worship songs ( accompanied by keyboard, guitars and drums ). Spiritual growth opportunities are no longer limited to face-to-face meetings. In addition to traditional training, we now use a new on-line training platform which multiplies opportunities for spiritual growth and communication without crowding already busy lives with additional on-site meetings. Desiring to meet the needs of our community we are also in the initial phase of a new outreach to the growing Spanish-speaking community in Southern Minnesota.


Our worship is family oriented and multigenerational, with a special learners’ worship experience  for children age 5 and younger during the weekly message. We offer classes to encourage all ages in spiritual growth during our Sabbath School hour. Youth Fellowship provides a mid-week opportunity for those in 8-12 grades to meet for fun, fellowship and discipleship. Vacation Bible School and Camps available each summer for all youth ages.