What We Believe

We are a community of Christians learning to be active representatives of God’s Kingdom; (God’s Kingdom is His active rule in the world. His Kingdom has ultimate authority over all aspects of human life.)

Reflecting God’s character,

God’s call is for all followers of Jesus to become conformed in our values, attitudes and world view to those of Jesus, our Savior and Lord. 

Relating God’s Word.

God’s Word is the changeless standard of truth for all people in all generations. We are charged with accurately communicating the Bible’s message and application to all cultures

Reconciling people with God’s love,

God so loved the world that He made provision for restoring relationship with Him and forgiveness for sins on our behalf. We are His agents to take the message of restoration and forgiveness to all people on earth.

Releasing God’s power,

God’s Kingdom is a matter of power more than words and theology. God desires to meet the brokenness of the world with compassionate healing of body, soul and spirit.